The Music

Indiana native, Matthew Quinet, crafted his melodious and sometimes biting sound while traveling across the U.S. for several years before settling in Austin, Texas, over a decade ago.

His lyrics resonate as memorable and gut-punching reflections of hard truths that spark human connection.

Quinet's new record, Buckeye, immediately received high praise, as the singer-songwriter moves effortlessly from Americana, to country, folk, and rock-n-roll.

Buckeye was recorded in Austin and San Marcos, and features several prominent Austin musicians.

         ~ Mark Williams on cello and bass (known for work with Dustin and Kevin Welch)

         ~ Kevin Hall on drums (known for work with Archie Bell and The Drells,  Eric Johnson)

         ~ Derek Morris on piano and keys (known for his work with Carry Illinois, Alpha Rev, Bob Schneider)

         ~ Christy Hays on harmony (local Austin singer/songwriter favorite)

Quinet's shows range from playing a solo acoustic set to a playing a half acoustic/half electric 2-piece set, or playing with a full band, highlighting cello and pedal steel.

He is currently playing a monthly residency at Austin's Hi Hat Public House, as well as other Austin venues. Shows feature Buckeye standouts, as well as other songs from his extensive repertoire.

Praise for Buckeye

The title track, "Buckeye," and "Draft Horse" are 10/10 instant classics. And I'd put "'Till The Wheels Fall Off" in that category, as well. Those are three songs that I can't get enough of. "Buckeye" is really interesting and unusual - the way the cadence and repetition of the lyrics go... they way they wrap around on themselves at the ends of the verses. "Draft Horse" could be my favorite song on the record, and my vote for the BEST song as well. It's so good. "Wheels" reminds me of Austin for some reason - of The Carousel Lounge, of the same feeling I got listening to McMurtry at the Continental Club. There's this...vibe to it that is really great. It's upbeat, but has a melancholy to it. It's like a sunset. 

The lyrics on *all* of the songs, as in all of his songs previously, are so good, interesting, complicated, precise, and effective.

- Corey Landis, of Corey Landis and the Attacks, Los Angeles, CA








by Matthew Quinet

Tracks from the newly released studio album, Buckeye